Neural Psychedelic Aesthetics: Deep Learning for Creative Machines

Imagery, language, creativity and curation using deep learning technology


18th October 2018

What time

6:00PM - 8:30PM



14-18 Broad Street,





Digital artist Eyal Gruss and Near Now Fellow Antonio Roberts explore creative uses of deep learning technology and generative neural networks.

In this talk, machine learning researcher and digital artist Eyal Gruss explores the latest state-of-the-art applications of deep learning in imagery, language, creativity and curation.

Followed by a discussion and Q&A, led by artist and curator Antonio Roberts.

As a Near Now Fellow, Antonio researched the impact that automation and artificial intelligence is having on the roles of artists and curators. One project which greatly influenced Antonio's research is The Electronic Curator by Eyal Gruss and Eran Hadas.

The Electronic Curator examines whether a computer can not only generate art, but also evaluate its quality. It is a dialog between two competing neural networks, representing a painter and a curator.

A Near Now Studio event, open to Studio Members and the public.

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Eyal Gruss

Dr. Eyal Gruss is a machine learning researcher and a digital artist. Eyal is based in Israel and holds a PhD in physics. His works include poetry, interactive installations and computer generated art.

Dr. Eyal Gruss

Dr. Eyal Gruss

Antonio Roberts

Near Now Fellow Antonio Roberts is a New Media artist and Curator based in Birmingham, UK. His artwork uses glitch art, hacking and technology-driven processes to explore issues surrounding open source software, free culture and collaborative practices.


Antonio Roberts

Antonio Roberts

Banner image from The Electronic Curator by Eyal Gruss and Eran Hadas.