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Call for collaborators: Women and non-binary woodworker(s)

A commission to design and build an artwork/instrument stand in collaboration with artist Sophie Huckfield.

Project timeline

Design and build from mid-January to March 2024.

Project background

Artist Sophie Huckfield is collaborating with music technologist Assistant Professor Juan Martinez Avila at University of Nottingham's Mixed Reality Lab. They are repurposing an antique loom into a musical instrument, combining it with technology to explore alternative forms of creative ‘production’.

The project, including this commission, draws on the ideas of the Luddites, Lady Ludd and feminist/queer/non-binary stories.

This project is supported through Broadway's Near Now Fellowship using public funding by Arts Council England.

The commission

This commission seeks a maker who:

  • Identifies as a woman or non-binary
  • Has experience in using wood to create furniture, artworks or load-bearing frames
  • Can design and build a stand/frame to support a touring artwork.

The woodworker will be commissioned to collaborate with Sophie and Juan on the design and making of the Loom Instrument's stand. This stand must support the weight (see dimensions below) of a tabletop 4-shaft loom (pictured below) when played, be sturdy and robust. It should also be collapsible and suitable for travel when touring. It must also include storage elements for electronic components on the loom and could also incorporate other features (e.g wheels) to make it easier to move and operate.

Antique tabletop 4-shaft loom, donated by the Framework Knitters Museum, Ruddington

Antique tabletop 4-shaft loom, donated by the Framework Knitters Museum, Ruddington

Loom dimensions

  • Length: 103cm
  • Width: 66cm
  • Height: 48cm–57cm
  • Weight: Approx. 9kg, not including additional electrical components.

The woodworker will be expected to:

  • Meet and consult with Sophie, Juan and Broadway staff on the design, making, materials and budget/cost of the build
  • To design the loom stand and select appropriate materials/fixings
  • Fabricate the loom stand
  • Test the stand with the loom, making reasonable adjustments/alterations if necessary.

The woodworker will need to provide their own tools and equipment.

If space is needed to fabricate the stand, Near Now can provide workshop/studio access at Broadway (Nottingham, NG1 3AL).

Project outline


  • Mid-January 2024


  • Research, ideation and initial design meeting in Nottingham


  • Submit design proposal
  • Submit budget outline for build costs (materials, fixings, paint, etc)
  • Make reasonable changes following feedback


  • Making and finishing the loom stand


  • March 2024

Fees and budget

A fee of £256.00 per day* for up to 8 days work.

A separate amount to cover travel/accommodation, materials, fixtures, fittings and other build costs will be identified through the Planning and Design phases and paid for by Near Now.

*Based on Artists' Union England rates of 3+ years experience.


Complete our online Expression of Interest form:

Deadline: Friday 24 November 2024, 10:00AM.

We particularly encourage applications from those under-represented in the creative sector.

This relates to people who are under-represented within the creative sector workforce and audiences, specifically in terms of: LGBTQIA+ and/or non-binary, having a migrant or refugee experience, from African Diaspora, from South, East and South East Asian diaspora, and/or ethnically diverse, neurodivergent, disabled, affected by a health condition or impairment, affected by homelessness, care-leaver, carer, unemployed and/or have received welfare benefits, working class and/or first in their immediate family to go to university.

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