Neon Forms AR

A digital drawing app by Near Now Fellow Will Hurt

A new experimental artwork app by artist Will Hurt

Neon Forms AR is an outcome of visual artist Will Hurt's Near Now Fellowship, which supported him to explore the creation of new digital tools and experiences to engage people in modes of creative play that are interactive, constructive and shareable.

The project continues Will's research into computational drawing aids, allowing people to design and share vividly complex imagery and videos.

Launched in August 2021, Neon Forms AR is a mobile app designed and developed by Will Hurt which allows anyone to draw brightly coloured, abstract images by layering elements of colour, pattern and form into creative compositions.

The Neon Forms AR app is available worldwide as a free download for iOS and Android devices. The app includes an Augmented Reality mode in which you can draw and view your creations in physical space.

Prints created using the Neon Forms App are available from

During his Near Now Fellowship, Will Hurt made a variety of prototypes using cross-platform games development engine Unity. These experiments in playful software development explored the creation of artworks made from collections of simple discrete geometric shapes and blocks which could be repeated, mirrored, stretched, coloured and rotated in 3D space.

Neon Forms AR mobile app, designed and developed by Will Hurt

Neon Forms AR mobile app, designed and developed by Will Hurt

About Will Hurt

Will Hurt is a Norwich-based visual artist and creative technologist using abstraction, technology and play to investigate the edges of virtual and physical spaces.

Organisations Will has worked with include: National Gallery, British Council, Tate, Lumen Prize, Collusion, Fak’ugesi Festival, Floating Points, Studio Wayne McGregor, LEVEL Centre, QUAD, Light Night Leeds, Quays Culture, Eureka! Children’s Centre, Edinburgh International Science Festival, originalprojects, Yarmonics.