Near Now Ideas Fund

Launching soon

Get your creative project off the ground with support from Broadway's Near Now Ideas Fund

The Near Now Ideas Fund can help you start a new creative project that is enabled or inspired by technology.

We are offering up to £2,000 per proposal to support the important research and development (R&D) activity that is needed when a project is just getting started.

Key information

Total amount available

  • £12,000


  • Up to £2,000

Fund opens

  • September 2021
  • Open call launching soon

Fund closes

  • Tuesday 30 November 2021 or when funds are exhausted, whichever is sooner

R&D activity

  • Between now and March 2022

You might be looking to do something short and simple, or you could have an idea for something more ambitious that needs extra time and resources to achieve.

This is an opportunity for you to prove that your ideas are feasible, exciting, innovative and interesting.

The R&D activity you propose should involve any, or all, of the following types of activity:


Taking part in a workshop, course, or tutorial to understand something new. Working with a mentor or collaborator who will help you gain new skills and knowledge.


Spending time experimenting with tools, techniques or technologies in new ways.


Making quick, rough examples to test your ideas, validate your project and put new skills into practice.


Presenting your ideas, prototypes or work-in-progress to people who can give critical feedback.

Testing prototypes early creates valuable insights that shape the project vision.

Testing ideas in the open with potential users or audiences can be the fastest way to get real insights about how your idea fits in people's lives.

We will support creative projects that are enabled or inspired by technology.

This can include (but is not limited to):

  • Digital and visual artworks
  • Interactive and immersive experiences or performance
  • New forms of storytelling
  • Video or audio works
  • Products and services

The project you are applying for should be either:

  • A new project to be started between now and March 2022
  • An extension of an existing project that explores the use of technology in a way that is new to the project.

We want to showcase your work for public audiences.

We are especially interested in funding projects that could be shared online or safely in-person at Broadway, or elsewhere in Nottingham, either in their early-stage or through demonstrating ambition for further development.

We are looking for projects that have wider potential.

Does your project have the potential to go beyond the scope of the R&D activity we can fund? How would you aim to progress it to a finished piece of work?

We'd like to know what you think the future of your project could be and what you would do if you were offered the opportunity to continue developing it. If you're not quite sure, that's okay. We'll help you to think about it as part of your application.

We can support R&D costs up to £2,000.

Your project doesn’t need to cost exactly £2,000. You can apply for less.

You can put other money towards your project but we want the amount you request to represent the majority of your project's R&D costs.

We anticipate you might not previously have received much, or any, support from major funders.

How to apply

Applications to Broadway's Near Now Ideas Fund will be opening in September 2021.

Banner image: An early project prototype titled ‘Scribble’, made during the R&D process for artist Will Hurt's Near Now Fellowship in 2019-2020. This prototyping led to fully-realised project NeonForms, launched in August 2021.