UKYA City Takeover: The Justice Syndicate

Playable theatre by Near Now Fellows Joe McAlister & Rachel Briscoe


9th February 2019

What time

11:00AM & 2:00PM


National Justice Museum,

34-36 High Pavement,





A top surgeon accused of a serious crime. Conviction would mean planned operations will not go ahead – and the evidence is far from conclusive. Or is this just another case of someone so important they’re above justice?

The Justice Syndicate is a piece of playable theatre drawing on a jury format, gathering 12 audience members to take on the role of jurors.

It asks how we make decisions, how we deal with our preconceptions, and how much you’d want strangers making judgments about you based on the contents of your phone. 

Power and privilege; trust and technology; thought and action.

iPads carefully analyse the decisions they make in real time, providing live opinion polls and interactive documents as you explore the controversial case. Leaving you to question your own ethics and those of others.

The Justice Syndicate is a collaboration between fanSHEN, computational artist Joe McAlister and neuroscientist Dr Kris De Meyer.

Spaces limited. Experience lasts up to 2 hours, participants must be aged 18+.

Content warning

The Justice Syndicate contains both discussion of sexual assault and explicit description of consensual sexual activity.

The Justice Syndicate is supported by the Near Now Fellowship.

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UKYA City Takeover

7–13 February 2019

These performances of The Justice Syndicate are part of the UKYA City Takeover programme.

A show of works created by young artists across all art forms.

UKYA City Takeover gives visitors the chance to attend over 100 free exhibitions, performances, workshops and talks. This is a unique opportunity to tour the city, discovering and learning about contemporary arts culture today.

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