The Poundshop


7th November 2013

What time

6.15 - 8.00pm


14 - 18 Broad Street


Full: £5
Concessions: £4

The Poundshop is run by George Wu and Sara Melin. Founded in April 2010, the idea was born during a discussion about love for design shops. Not having the capital to set up a design shop, we set ourselves the challenge of starting the first ever design Poundshop

The Poundshop aim to spread design to a wider audience by making it accessible through price and engagement. Products are sold under affordable price bands of £1, £5 and £10. They work with a wide range of designers, most of whom are new to making products. With low overheads and the minimal risk of small-scale production, designers are able to experience the markets reaction to their ware first hand.

In this talk George and Sara will delve into The Poundshop's history as a pop-up event, from starting out in empty shops to retailing in a high-end department store. They will also look through their most successful products and discuss the problems of how to create great products at minimum cost.