Sonic Sculptures: Tom Harris

Live music performance in Broadway Gallery by Tom Harris

Drop in, no ticket required.


3rd April 2024

What time



Broadway Gallery,

17 Heathcoat Street,



(or via Broadway's main entrance)



Drop in, no ticket required.

Part of Sonic Sculptures, a series of events situated around a structure turning Broadway Gallery into an instrument.

Experience the music of Tom Harris, a fusion of Experimental, Ambient, Hip-Hop, and Jazz where the inherited past converges with the idealised future, within the Sonic Sculptures installation. Embark on an auditory adventure where materials, space, and the sound of beats and synths seamlessly intertwine.

Tom’s live set is the first performance in a series of events by Sonic Sculptures, transforming Broadway Gallery itself into an instrument and pushing the boundaries of how we experience sound and space.

About the artist

Tom Harris is an artist whose music is situated within the UK’s melting pot, influenced by garage and grime music, hiphop, electronica and Jazz. Thomas’s wholehearted embracing of fusion lends itself well towards working as an interdisciplinary artist, having had success scoring music for runways, creating soundscapes for exhibitions and collaborating with Movement artists.

Sonic Sculptures is a project led by visual artist/curator Ryan Boultbee, architectural designer/artist Will Harvey, and musician Tom Harris.

It is a common meeting ground of sound and material, lifting the ordinary into the extraordinary.

3–14 April 2024, Broadway Gallery

Sonic Sculptures is a series of events which will turn Broadway Gallery into an instrument, hosting a programme of soundscapes and sonic experiences.

Sonic Sculptures explores the intersections of material, space, and sound through an innovative Framework for Practice installation, captivating performances, and workshops.