Seeing Beyond the Cloud

A Hands-on Guide to How the Internet Really Works


23rd March 2016

What time

6:00 - 8:00pm


14 - 18 Broad Street



Where do your selfies and cat pics really go? How does the ‘cloud’ work, and why is it a terrible metaphor? What is actually going on when you browse the web? Come and find out as tiny technology studio Buckley Williams, explains it all.

Designer, technologist and teacher Nat Buckley will be your guide as you explore how the infrastructure of the internet impacts the world.

Learn how a simple interaction like typing a website address into a browser can weave a path through submarine cables, the energy grid, local taxes and the environment via the private companies, governments and individuals who have the control.

Bring your own laptop (Windows, Mac OSX or Linux) but no specific skillset or knowledge is required to join in with this free workshop.

Nat Buckley