Porous Bodies: The Fly

A screening presented by Near Now Fellow Adham Faramawy


31st October 2019

What time




14-18 Broad Street,




£5.00 – £9.50

Near Now Fellow Adham Faramawy presents a screening of David Cronenberg's The Fly as part of POROUS BODIES, a series of events devised by the artist to complement his Fellowship research.

The Fly (1986) + Short Film

After Seth Brundle completes his teleportation machine, he decides to test it on himself following his girlfriend’s encouragements. Unfortunately, a housefly shares the ride with him and soon Brundle begins to transform. David Cronenberg’s masterpiece takes body horror to the next level in this unmissable classic shown especially for Halloween.


Artist Adham Faramawy's short film SKIN FLICK, supported through the Near Now Fellowship, will be shown before the film.

SKIN FLICK, Adham Faramawy (2019)

SKIN FLICK, Adham Faramawy (2019)

Porous Bodies

A series of events devised by Adham Faramawy to complement his Near Now Fellowship research.

Adham has devised a selection of films that undermine the idea of the human body as a singular entity, exploding the idea of the body as a discreet biological category. Sometimes literally.

These screenings and accompanying events complement Adham's current research and artistic practice. They present a variety of often problematic approaches to the body, exploring perspectives that reframe the body as a plastic process, porous and adaptable, denaturalised, magic, science-fictive and miraculous.

Adham Faramawy