Ototo Invention Workshop


19th October 2013

What time

10.00am - 5.00pm


14 - 18 Broad Street


Full: £60
Concessions: £48

(Includes lunch)

An exclusive opportunity to be the first to get your hands on Dentaku's latest product Ototo, commissioned by Near Now, a synthesiser and simple electronics kit that that allows anyone to build their own electronic musical instrument.

Through a collaborative three-day workshop with the principle designers from the Dentaku invention studio, Yuri Suzuki (Maywa Denki / Teenage Engineering) and Mark McKeague (Bang & Olufsen), you will design and invent playful sound objects that make and change their sound depending on how you interact with them.

During the workshop you will learn about the Ototo platform, before designing and building your own playful musical DIY experiment, from electronic drum kits made out of saucepans to a coat stand that sings when you place a coat on it's pegs.

Any conductive objects can be connected by crocodile clips to the board to play notes, while sensors can control the type of sound being played. No coding is required for the workshop, materials and tools will be provided. 

Limited places available, book now to avoid disappointment. Lunch provided.