OTOKA Takeover: Crystal Sculpture Workshops

Create a collaborative sculpture with artist Candice Jacobs.

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  • 16th February 2023

  • 21st February 2023

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Various times. See below.


Broadway Gallery,

17 Heathcoat Street,





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As part of OTOKA's takeover of Broadway Gallery, artist Candice Jacobs presents a series of workshops to support the creation of a collaborative sculpture.

You are invited to help create a large-scale crystal sculpture made of all the recycled paper we can muster that is connected to the economy. Dig out your bills, tax returns, bank statements, receipts, invoices, outstanding payments and bring them in!

Dates and times

Thursday 16 February

  • 10:00AM—1:00PM
  • 2:00PM—5:00PM

Tuesday 21 February

  • 12:00PM—3:00PM

Bring along any waste paper you have that can be used for papier-mâché sculpture-making.

Documents will be destroyed in the process of making the sculpture. If you would like to, please remove any personal or sensitive data before the workshop.

The workshop includes messy play and making with papier-mâché, using flour and water-based paste. Please wear suitable clothing or bring a spare outfit!

Throughout the day, as people come and go, we will come together as a group to share thoughts on how our experience of “m-otherhood” could be seen as a form of “liquid modernity”, a metaphor written by sociologist Zygmunt Bauman that describes the condition of constant mobility and change that he sees in relationships, identities, and global economics within contemporary society.

During the workshops, we will set affirmations and let go of our anxieties through meditation exercises that place our thoughts directly into the sculpture so that it can carry the burden of our shared realities and swallow the stress of our lives, even if it's for a split second in time.

Our conversations will be re-written & transformed into a poetic form of text that will sit as the script to a collection of Virtual Reality films that will be integrated into the sculpture.

Who are the workshops for?

Workshops are specifically aimed at new mothers & people who identify as mothers or who are in the primary position of care, and their children.

The workshops are being delivered in collaboration with Khaya Job, founder of the zine Femme Fatale Gals, musician and the youngest board member of Nottingham UNESCO City of Literature.

Coming soon: All that is fluid melts into air

All that is fluid melts into air acts as a new solo exhibition by Candice Jacobs and forms Episode 3 of OTOKA's takeover of Broadway Gallery.

The exhibition will launch on 9th March, where the audience will clamber through the crystalline structure heavy with the burden of our worries, but shining with hints of neon into glistening pools of screens that move around to track & trace the bodies & words that flow through dying exotic waters.


There will be buggy storage, hot drinks, snacks and a warm safe space to rest in a moment of reflection.

Broadway's Gallery is located on the lower ground floor of Broadway Cinema, nestled within Broadway’s design and innovation studio spaces behind Screens 3 and 4.

The space can be accessed via Broadway's main entrance but also has direct access from Heathcoat Street.

Broadway’s design and innovation spaces are fully wheelchair accessible, with ramps and lift access from Broadway’s Box Office.

For more information, please contact gallery@broadway.org.uk.


OTOKA is a nomadic & fluid research, exhibition, residency, online platform & studio space established by artist Candice Jacobs after returning to Nottingham during the Pandemic and becoming a mother.

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