Nottstopping Festival: Will Hurt

A preview of new work by Will Hurt for Nottstopping Festival


23rd May 2020
24th May 2020

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Be the first to explore a playful way of drawing with this prototype artwork by artist Will Hurt.

Draw and manipulate geometry in virtual space in this online version of Will's interactive software, Mass. Experiment with different settings, save your images and, if you're able to, print them out to colour in.

Try it out in your web browser now:

Released exclusively for Nottstopping Festival and supported by Broadway’s Near Now Fellowship.

A drawing made using Mass, by Will Hurt. Coloured in with help from the public during an exhibition.

A drawing made using Mass, by Will Hurt. Coloured in with help from the public during an exhibition.


  • Draw geometry into the scene then save images to print out and colour in
  • Play with the sliders to alter the brushes
  • Scroll up or down to zoom in and out
  • Hold Alt/Option while dragging to move the camera
  • Hold Control (ctrl) while dragging to twist
  • Have fun!

Share your creations with us (or let us know if you have any problems) at @nearnow and @broadwaycinema on Instagram and Twitter.

Please note: Mass works best using Chrome browser and does not work on Safari or on mobile devices.

Mass by Will Hurt

Mass by Will Hurt

Will has created this interactive web version of Mass using Unity, a 3D development platform usually used for creating videogames.

Will has created artworks using Mass that have been shown across the UK and as far away as Nebraska, USA. You may have seen some of these artworks and many more at Broadway Gallery in February 2020 as part of Type, a showcase of Will's past work and recent prototypes.

About the artist

Will Hurt is best known for his brightly coloured, playful, digital interactives which cater to people of all ages and abilities and respond to the geometry of the physical sites they are installed in, abstracting and re-presenting local architecture and landscape. These site-specific interactives bring people together, forging connections and affording them a moment to play, leaving them with lasting memories of novel playful experiences and a new appreciation of their locality. Recent work focuses on contemporary modes of drawing, writing software in which complex geometric worlds can be drawn, animated and explored. Will’s work has been exhibited around the world due to its stand-out aesthetic, technical resilience and engaging immediacy.

Through the Near Now Fellowship, Will aims to explore the creation of new digital tools and experiences to engage people in modes of creative play that are interactive, constructive and shareable.

Nottstopping Festival

23 – 24 May 2020

A Bank Holiday Extravaganza Celebrating and Connecting Nottinghamshire whilst fundraising to provide gifts, treats and experiences for Frontline Workers.

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