NED: The Never-Ending Dancer

Meet NED, a robotic contraption that is inspired by the circus.

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Suitable for 4–12 year olds accompanied by an adult


  • 5th April 2022

  • 6th April 2022

  • 7th April 2022

  • 8th April 2022

  • 9th April 2022

  • 10th April 2022

  • 11th April 2022

  • 12th April 2022

  • 13th April 2022

  • 14th April 2022

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12:00PM–5:00PM daily


Broadway Gallery



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Suitable for 4–12 year olds accompanied by an adult

Meet NED, a robotic contraption that is inspired by the circus.

NED is inquisitive and excited to play and dance with anyone in its sight. The blue feathers on its arm gently sway and imitate its movements and interaction.

NED, the Never-Ending Dancer communicates by imitating and encouraging children to follow and dance. Its intricate costume slowly shifts and shimmers in delight, creating a timeless juxtaposition of the old and the new, while hinting at a circus of the future. Come along and dance – NED would love to meet you.

NED was originally created for Makers of Imaginary Worlds' exhibition Thingamabobas, a playful, sensory experience where participants meet and interact with a circus troupe of performative mechanical and kinetic structures. In this animatronic and robotic circus of bizarrely wonderful machines created to inspire, delight and intrigue.

This event is free, simply drop into the Gallery at Broadway on the day!

Supported by UKRI TAS HUB.

About Makers of Imaginary Worlds

Co-founded by Near Now Studio Member Roma Patel, Makers of Imaginary Worlds make immersive & interactive experiences for young audiences.

Their designs are playful, sensory and interactive, combining sensing technologies with crafts. Their work considers the whole audience experience, encouraging interactivity and play. Makers of Imaginary Worlds specialise in making tangible interfaces that seamlessly combine traditional craft techniques with interactive technologies.


Makers of Imaginary Worlds were recently awarded a HOME-Zero commission, a creative research and development project to help ignite a public conversation about the relationship between household emissions and climate change. The project is a partnership with National Gallery X (The National Gallery and King’s College London) and Nesta.

Over the next few months, with support from the project partners, Makers of Imaginary Worlds will develop a new interactive installation that aims to address the value-action gap in behaviour around climate change and encourage families to make sustainable choices in their homes.

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