Making Immersive Art Experiences: Artist Surgeries

Supporting ideas for immersive art experiences in Nottingham

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Banner image: FACADES by Displace Studio


25th April 2024–26th April 2024

What time

10:0AM–5:00PM (1hr bookable slots)


Broadway, 14-18 Broad Street, Nottingham, NG1 3AL, or Online/Remote



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Banner image: FACADES by Displace Studio

Do you have an idea for a new immersive or interactive multimedia art experience that needs support?

Do you want support to develop your idea?

Book a 1-hour slot with the Near Now team to discuss your ideas.

Mentoring sessions will be available with Near Now’s Creative Producer Lee Nicholls, Dr Kerryn Wise (Displace Studio) and other experienced creatives TBC.

— An introduction to the growing ‘immersive experience' sector from the Immersive Experience Network.

Know How

We will be using an updated version of our bespoke Know How process and toolkit of resources to support you in developing your ideas.

Know How is a six-step structured process, bringing together methods from design and digital thinking, to help organisations and individuals meet their digital ambitions.

This initial surgery will focus on the first two steps of the Know How process: Think and Develop.


Think clarifies your focus and aligns your mission, helping you develop a brief that frames opportunities to bring design and digital thinking into your art practice and business.


Develop is about testing your ideas and direction with potential audiences, peers, stakeholders and future customers to generate insights that inform what you will make.

How to book

Bookable 1-hour slots available via the Calendly link below on:

  • Thursday 25 April, 10:00AM–5:00PM
  • Friday 26 April, 10:00AM–5:00PM

When booking a timeslot you’ll be asked for:

  • Your name and contact email
  • A short statement about your creative practice and/or project idea
  • Information about any access requirements you would like to let us know about
  • Your preference for this meeting to be online (via video or audio call) or in-person at Broadway.

You will receive a confirmation email with your selected time. We may also email you directly to follow up with any questions.

These Artist Surgeries are part of a series of events exploring the making of live immersive art and multimedia experiences. Future events include practical workshops, film screenings, talks and meetups exploring the opportunities and challenges of technology-driven/enabled immersive and interactive experience design.

Coming soon…

Future events in this series will focus on supporting some artists through further stages of the Know How process which includes:


In Play you progress towards a solid concept, build a business case, and learn how to prototype and test your ideas quickly and cheaply with resources you already have.


Learn how to test your prototype, get early feedback from audiences, peers and stakeholders and find the right mix of people to continue to build your idea.


Bring together your expert team to build out your concept over a set period into a working prototype.


Take your concept out into the open and put it in front of your audiences.

This event is supported by University of Nottingham's Virtual and Immersive Production Studio (VIP Studio). A specialist production facility to incubate innovation in film, TV and performance arts production and audience engagement.

The VIP Studio enables collaborative research and experimentation through to commercialisation, drawing on multidisciplinary collaborations across Arts and Computer Science.