How secure is your smart home?

Creative Studio IF share work in progress


28th April 2016

What time

6.00 - 7.30pm


14 - 18 Broad Street



Creative studio IF, led by designer and Near Now Fellow Sarah Gold, share their work on privacy issues around connected products.

We’re entering a future where many of the objects around us will be connected to the Internet.  While smart fitness trackers, intelligent thermostats and connected cars are exciting prospects; we rely on trust in the manufacturers of these machines to ensure products are safe and secure.

What if you, as a consumer, could better understand the potential risks with the connected products you buy?​

IF wants to put you in control of your privacy by developing new methods of accessing, testing and managing these connected objects.

Join us for our first show & tell to see work in progress and join the discussion.

Broadway’s Near Now Fellowship is a leadership program for innovators working across arts, design, tech and education, supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

Sarah Gold