Artist Workshops: Erica Scourti

An introduction to the tools and techniques used by artist and Near Now Fellow Erica Scourti


10th May 2017

What time

6:00pm - 8:00pm



14-18 Broad Street





Join artist and Near Now Fellow Erica Scourti for an introduction to the tools and techniques used in her work, which crosses video, writing and performance.

Erica will share insights into her varied practice which draws heavily on personal experience to explore life, labour, gender and love in a fully mediated world. 

In the second part of this session Erica will lead a hands-on workshop, encouraging participants to explore the use of everyday technology in the creation of artworks, using voice transcription, text-generation, photography and image capture. Great for artists, creative technologists, designers, zine-makers, and anyone interested in how technology is influencing contemporary art.

Bring along a smartphone, tablet or laptop to experiment with. We'll provide links to useful apps and software on the day.

See for more about Erica’s work.

Empathy Deck (

Empathy Deck ("a Twitter bot with feelings") by Erica Scourti, a commission for Wellcome Collection's Bedlam: the asylum and beyond.

About the Artist

“A performative project whose object of satire is myself, or more specifically my own mostly failed attempts to self-exploit, self-semiotise and self-better, seen through the prism of technologically mediated/networked life."

Erica Scourti was born in Athens, Greece (1980) and is now based in London and Athens. She has presented work at Microscope Gallery, New York; The Photographers’ Gallery, Hayward Gallery, Munich Kunstverein, EMST Athens, David Roberts Art Foundation and South London Gallery. Recent shows include Big Bang Data at Somerset House and Dark Archives, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam. She completed residencies at Wysing Arts Centre and the White Building, London in 2015, and she is a Near Now Fellow 2015/16.

She presented a performance at Somerset House as part of Block Universe 2016 and created a new commission for the Wellcome Collection’s exhibition, Bedlam: the Asylum and Beyond (Sept 2016).

Erica Scourti