Introduction to COGS Workshop

An easy-to-use software and hardware platform for running interactive events

Email to express an interest in attending (see below for details)


21st March 2024

What time




14–18 Broad Street,





Email to express an interest in attending (see below for details)

An introductory workshop to COGS for artists, creatives and technologists interested in the design and making of interactive and immersive art and performance events.

Part of a series of events exploring the making of live immersive art and multimedia experiences.

Join Escape Room makers and Immersive Theatre fans Clockwork Dog in this hands-on limited-capacity workshop led by co-founder Tom Dixon.

COGS is an easy-to-use software/hardware platform for running escape rooms, immersive theatre, multimedia artworks, live games and many more examples of interactive, experiential projects or events.

Tom will teach participants to map all kinds of inputs to outputs by building up simple logic steps which determine what you want to happen and when.

This is an introductory and beginner-friendly workshop — no experience necessary!

Workshop schedule


  • Arrival (by 10:00AM)
  • Complimentary tea and coffee available


  • Introduction to the software and hardware potentials of COGS.



  • Experimentation and rapid prototyping with COGS using its various hardware inputs.

Interested in taking part?

Please contact if you are interested in booking a place on this workshop.

Open to participants aged 18+. Students in full or part-time education are welcome to attend.

To help us know who is interested in this opportunity, please include the following in your email:

  • A brief bio or statement about your creative practice and your interest in interactive/immersive arts and performance projects.
  • Why you're interested in learning about COGS and how it could be applied to your work.
  • Anything specific you want to learn or try during this workshop.
  • Any access requirements you would like us to consider to help make this workshop as useful as possible for you.

Due to limited capacity we may not be able to be able to offer a place at this workshop to everyone who expresses an interest. Based on the level of interest, we may repeat this workshop opportunity in the near future.

This event is supported by University of Nottingham's Virtual and Immersive Production Studio (VIP Studio). A specialist production facility to incubate innovation in film, TV and performance arts production and audience engagement.

The VIP Studio enables collaborative research and experimentation through to commercialisation, drawing on multidisciplinary collaborations across Arts and Computer Science.