Framework for Practice: Thursday

Launch event and Studio Talk by Rachel Parry

Banner image: MALPER by Rachel Parry and Rachel Smith


18th August 2022

What time



Broadway Gallery

17 Heathcoat Street



(or via Broadway's main entrance)



Banner image: MALPER by Rachel Parry and Rachel Smith

Framework for Practice is a project led by visual artist/curator Ryan Boultbee and architect/designer Will Harvey.

It represents the creation of a space to support the growth of new ideas.

Framework for Practice is a temporary scaffolding structure modifying Broadway Gallery into a space for supporting and inspiring sustainable creative research. The framework adapts to host a series of events, with the aim of supporting creatives to generate new ideas and starting points to research.


Framework for Practice Launch


An introduction to Framework for Practice by Ryan Boultbee and Will Harvey. Find out more about the project and their projects which aim to reimagine the future of Nottingham.

Followed by an introduction to Broadway's Near Now Ideas Fund which offers up to £2,000 in support of new creative projects.

Help us to map support for creative research and development and identify opportunities for emerging and aspiring creatives in the region to get ideas for new projects off the ground.

Near Now Studio Talk: Malfunctioning Perfectly with Rachel Parry


Artist and Near Now Studio Member Rachel Parry will demo and share insights into their recent project MALPER, an online storytelling project driven by AI.

MALPER is a weird and wonky web-based, interactive clickable experience, using the artist's personal data from their project MALFUNCTIONING PERFECTLY. Rachel Parry and their collaborator, Bristol-based Creative Technologist Rachel Smith, have been teaching a chatbot about liveness from a Neurodivergent/Disabled point-of-view. Resulting in a playful, but often disastrous, choice-driven uncanny experience that devolves into chaos.