Talk: The Center for Genomic Gastronomy

The Center for Genomic Gastronomy is an independent research institute that explores the genomes and biotechnologies that make up the human food systems on planet earth. The mission of the Center for Genomic Gastronomy is to map food controversies, prototype and imagine a more sustainable, just, biodiverse and beautiful food system.

This talk contains stories that will be of interest to FoodPhreakers. Who are FoodPhreakers? They are individuals and groups interested in experimenting with human food systems at multiple scales. Foodphreakers believe that food culture should be open, free and accessible. Some FoodPhreakers have professional skills as farmers, seedsavers, chefs, biohackers and food scientists. Others just tinker in their backyard, basement, kitchen or home lab.

The Center for Genomic Gastronomy will their recent work connecting foodies who care about sustainability with scientists and hackers who care about open culture. These include an InVitro Meat Cooking Contest, a Barbaque Sauce made from mutagenic ingredients and the Spice Mix Super Computer (V 2.0). Foodphreaking is where food, technology, and open culture meet.


3rd October 2013


6.15 - 8.00pm


14 - 18 Broad Street



£5 / £4

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